Hungry Investor

6 week basic value investing education that anyone can implement. This will prepare you with all the knowledge you need to become a seasoned and confident investor.

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Intermediate Investment

Learn to invest and go from beginner to experienced in 6 weeks.

Live Trading
live stock trading

We will discuss your trades at each session. The only way to build confidence is to gain experience and the only way to be a great investor is to be confident in your decisions. If you look to others to tell you what you should do, you will never be a great investor. We must develop this ability in you together.

Good Businesses
good business

Learn to spot future trends, where the world is headed, the companies leading those trends, and the ones with the best risk/reward potential.

Entry & Exit Points
entry and exit

It's not enough to know the value if a company. John Keynes said "a market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent" so we need to make sure the trend is in our favor as well. We need to know danger points before we get to them and have a plan for exit if certain conditions exist.

Stock Class
stock class

This class is 6 weeks and can be either in person or through live conference depending on location. This can be done one on one or in groups. Inquire about group discounts.


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