Determined Investor

12 week intensive for those that want careers in finance or just want to understand how to grow money consistently while keeping it safe in all economic environments.

walking up stock

Focused Investing

This is for the serious investor or business owner who is determined to become wealthy.You will learn everything in the hungry investor package and trade virtual money in the live market PLUS you will learn to build valuation models and forecasts PLUS access the Facebook membership group for trading advice, access to the focused investing community, and top stock picks monthly.

12 Weeks

This is spread out in order to give the student time to practice and see results from trading. Also to allow time for absorbing the information. It is one hour per week but may run over if needed. Additional time is available on request for questions and guidance.

One or Multiple
stock group trading

For groups of 5+ via zoom,or 20+ in person discounts are available.

In person or Live
live stock trading

Zoom conferencing allows us to work with people anywhere in the world and in groups as well. Clients in the East TN region can be seen in person and for groups over 20, onsite training is possible.

Group Access
stock group access

This gives you access directly to Dr. Barnard and the community for questions. No two investors are ever exactly alike and some have different expertise and experience. Dr. Barnard specializes in intrinsic valuation or knowing what a business is actually worth, and identifying great risk/reward opportunities. He focuses on limiting risk without limiting upside. Other members of the community may add value in other areas of investing, especially as the community grows.


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