Curious Investor

One session at a time to learn one topic per session. This is for those that are on the fence and want to see what focused investing is all about.

Financial Freedom

Starter Investment

Pick a topic to learn one session at a time.

Business Strategy
svg chess

Good strategy is what makes economic profit attainable. Businesses need sustainable competitive advantages(moats). Learn to identify them.

Business Economics
svg stock economy

Supply and demand is an extremely important concept in a market economy. Learn to apply it to businesses, countries, stock charts, and more. Learn the theories of important economists, policies of past presidents, results from those theories and policies, and learn to think for yourself and act independently from groups representing herd mentality.

Stock Trading
stock trading

Learn to spot trends,channels, breakouts, and entry and exit points. Learn to follow a process and rules. Trading requires discipline and emotional control. Trading has to be learned, but cannot be taught, you will be coached, not taught. This depends on your personality which is why you will be given a personality assessment and access to a virtual trading game where we will discuss your trades and thought processes together to improve your trading.

Business Finance

Learn dividend discount models, net present value formulas, weighted average cost if capital, the CAPM method, and other tools.


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