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Dr. Barnard has studied and traded the markets for over a decade. He has studied the most successful (and unsuccessful) investors, businesses, and business owners in history. He has read numerous investment newsletters to get inside the minds of experts and formulate his own method for identifying successful investments and strategies. He has also been a financial advisor. He holds a DBA, MSF, several alternative investment certifications, and is also Lean Green Belt Certified. He is continually adding knowledge and skills in order to help people and businesses exceed their own expectations. He draws upon his experiences and education to deliver investment education, business consulting, and private coaching.

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Our Philosophy

Most importantly we are about creating competent and confident investors and business managers. We believe in keeping things simple. Focused investing is about increasing returns without increasing risk and balancing risk and return to improve your overall financial health. We are not about speculation or huge returns. We are  about sound decision making,  Courses are designed to simplify investing by teaching students how to evaluate businesses and learn to separate the noise from the important events. Focused Investing is about empowering people to make financial decisions and be confident in them.

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Dr. Barnard has studied businesses and investing in them for over a decade. He has a passion for identifying good investments. He became interested in the stock market at only 13 years old and began reading investment and business books,before joining the military and attending college. He did not intend to complete a doctorate degree but the more he learned the more interested and curious he became. He has three degrees focused in finance as well as several investment certifications. He was previously a financial adviser before deciding that teaching was better suited to his strengths.

Cost Effective
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The Focused Investing philosophy was slowly born from years of trial and error,research, education, and practice. We have simplified the complex and created a powerful model for building exceptional wealth over time. It is often said that it takes money to make money but the truth is that it takes time to make money.It is also said that no one ever went broke taking a profit but this is completely backwards, the truth is that no one who liked to take profits off the table prematurely ever became wealthy.

Minimal Losses
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Focused Investing courses will not only prepare you for a lifetime of financial decisions, whether you are an investor or not, but it will do so in less time and cost far less than any other alternative method available. The one on onetime and amount of support you will receive is unsurpassed. Even compared to learning on your own, the time and money it takes to read the books, work out the inconsistencies, get stuck and either give up or get unstuck, etc it is far more effective to have a focused investor guide you on your path.